Sector:  Finance
Brand type:  Corporate
Primary Client:   Misys, D + H
Senior Partner Client:  Brand Union
Trademark territories: 44 jurisdictions
Trademark classes:   4
Countries:   46
Languages:  50 
Validation types:  Localized Language, International Language, Trademark Identical, Trademark Extended, Google, URL
International Standards Implemented:  ISO 9001 Quality management and process implementation (Appella Ltd), ISO 639-2 Language codification

Financial services companies Misys and D + H were looking for a name for their newly merged company. Part of the Vista Equity Partners group, Misys already had a huge global footprint. Its solutions and financial software was used by 48 of the 50 world’s largest banks and 12 of the top 20 asset managers. D+H was a global payments and lending technology provider serving nearly 8,000 financial institutions, specialty lenders, community banks, credit unions, governments and corporations The newly merged company is the third largest fintech globally. 
Brand Union is one of the world’s top branding agencies working for iconic brands such as Microsoft, Heineken, GSK, Land Rover and Deloitte.  It won a gold at the Transform Awards for their work on Durex packaging at the 2016 Transform Awards and in 2015 won the British Council’s prestigious ‘best fit-out of workplace’ together with architects BDG for their Brewhouse Yard offices.


This project was interesting and ultimately enjoyable because the time constraints necessitated a dual approach to naming and branding. In other words the proposition, positioning and ‘look and feel’ were being worked on by Brand Union while we and Brand Union were going through our own naming processes. 

Inevitably, our client-specific process was based on guideline information only and subsequent events overtook us. A revised proposition meant we had to substitute some of our selected names for newly generated ones. We then put this revised longlist through the major validation checks of identical trademarks and localized linguistics.  

Once we’d annotated our longlist, shortlisted 25 names which we’d put through Google and URL checks and presented a top 10, events had overtaken us again. 

A newly tweaked brief meant that we were having to focus on a different proposition requiring different names. We expected this, so no problem and this set did produce some selections. Fifteen names were sent round 50 linguists and in 48 hours, graded, annotated and put into a document and a Powerpoint presentation comprising full validation bullets, contextual presentation, linguist grades and with a word check in Interlect our international lexicon. We were then tasked with putting three names into Extended Checks, a full breakdown of each selected name by phonetic and visual similarity for further trademark and Google checks. 

Before these checks were finished we stopped the checks on one name and began another round of validation on a client-selected name which then went through Extended Checks only falling short at this last hurdle. While validation was underway we carried out a final naming phase. This was the phase in which Finastra was created and successfully defended at the validation and extended validation phase. 

The name Finastra is a blend of financial and astra ‘star’ and has the broad meaning ‘an omniscient eye in the financial universe.’


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