"Choosing a good name is both a science and an art - Appella excels at both. Most people think that names arrive as inspired thunderbolts, but the reality is there is much more to consider. Andrew and the Appella team understand naming a way you wouldn’t even believe possible until you discover how linguistics work. They are incredibly knowledgeable, patient, dedicated and fun to work with. Hire them, now!"
Louise Doherty, CEO & Founder, PlanSnap 
“When we called on Appella, we were under extreme pressure to find a new name for our ZICA car, poised for global launch. From crowd-sourcing, we had a raft of potential names but needed to validate them worldwide to find a ‘winner’. In just a few days, Appella turned things round so we could bring the TIAGO brand to market with confidence – confidence in the new name’s suitability, availability and general fitness for purpose. The speed and rigour of the Appella approach was matched by the creativity and flexibility of their staff: definitely a high octane performance!"
Girish Upadhyay, Head Media Planning & Buying, Tata Motors 
“I cannot speak too highly of Appella. They really were there for Wavelength. We needed to change our name from Wireless for the Bedridden not only to up date our image, but also to find a balance that linked with our past and our future. Getting Wavelength into play, registered and accepted was beyond us but with Appella’s help things went very smoothly. The cost was very reasonable as well, including all the searches, registration and follow-up."
Tim Leech, CEO, Wavelength
"Appella has done a great job of finding a name for a new company I am launching… It was not an easy task as the name and domain had to be available (as it is an internet company)."
Leo Gestetner, CEO, Heath Capital
“We came to Appella not having worked with external naming agency before. The process and methodology were strange but highly professional. The shortlist was carefully created and perfectly supported by rationale and linguist and trademark validation. This was for name that had to work well in Russian and English and have Russian core, so it was not an easy brief."
Irina Semenova, CRT Services 
"For our global corporate rebranding, we chose Appella because they offered a suitably global solution, with a breadth and depth of resource to match our needs. They then delivered on their promise in every material particular – to quality, to time and to price. Thank you, Appella!"
Dmitri Loginov, International Sales Director, EOCORTEX 
"Appella developed a brilliant name for our brand as well as creating the ‘look & feel’. The whole process was highly professional and great fun."
Kelly Gleason, CEO, Clinfield


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