We work to an ethical policy and so are unable to engage in any work that is directly detrimental to people’s health or that of the earth. This includes producing names directly for the fossil fuel industries, those involved in rainforest depletion, arms manufacturers and tobacco manufacturers.
We provide our services in order to help people fulfil the potential of a business or product and can usually offer services at a discounted rate for charity projects and for products that are environmentally beneficial.

On the 15th of October 2013, we fulfilled the requirements for ISO 9001 quality management systems. ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. It ensures global regularity of nomenclature, standards and processes. We at Appella, for example, have used for the past three years ISO language abbreviations in our linguistic check tables. ISO 9001 concerns quality management regulation and its verification by independent third party bodies.

Compliance with ISO 9001 gives assurance to clients and suppliers that materials, documents and templates are used consistently and to a consistently high standard. Standardization means there is consistency of business process e.g. communication response, project development and invoicing. Health and safety is also covered.

Third party regulation ensures that standards are met both in terms of customer satisfaction and business process overview.

Because Appella is not a large organization, we have an Environmental Policy instead of ISO 14001 compliance. ISO 14001 is primarily intended for larger organisations and covers monitoring of and compliance with high environmental standards of supply, delivery and storage of materials, energy consumption, heat insulation and waste management.

Appella Environmental Policy 
  • All energy at our delivery and main office address will come from renewable sources.
  • For lighting, we use solely energy-saving low wattage lights.
  • We have a double glazed and insulated office made with SIPS floor system, Celotex thermally insulated walls, a heavily insulated structural steel roof system and double glazed windows and doors.
  • We use only 100% post-consumer waste paper for our paper stationery.
  • Waste paper is recycled with domestic recycling.
  • Ink cartridges are refilled.


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