We are a brand naming partnership with a worldwide network of evaluators. We collectively create and identify memorable brands, with appropriately global reach and resonance. Our experienced team is led by Andrew McCrum who is responsible for name generation and linguistic validation and Tom Hope, former partner and head of Brand Protection at the international law firm Linklaters. Together, they share over 30 years' experience of bringing brand names to fruition.

With the help of design and brand development associates Carl Shuck and Fergus Partridge and our many linguists around the world, we work on global, regional, and local product and company naming projects to create and validate new names quickly and cost-effectively.

While a face-to-face meeting is not always possible, given the time constraints for many projects, the research phase allows as much contact time as necessary. Analysis of the distribution of your competitor names in our name map helps highlight context-critical name styles, and we’ll also consider strategic aspects such as audience and cultural impact.

Using our unique Black Box, together with our outstanding lexipedia of globally recognisable words, we can produce any name type that’s required, whether made-up, pan-european, globally recognisable or even language-specific. One of our most familiar names, the London transport smart card, the Oyster card, was a UK naming project whereas top business outsourcing specialist Maykor was a Russian one.

Our validation and name selection system using our global negative word database, trademark/Google/url checks, localized linguists and specialist phonetic knowledge is always scrupulously collated and presented.


The Appella brand naming process uses our own unique proprietary company naming software to quickly generate and evaluate company and product names. It also gives you the assurance that all lexical avenues have been thoroughly explored. Some of these brand name creation programs produce words that have no formal meaning. Others use existing words and meanings.

So, if you are naming a business for the global market that has to fit a specific set of requirements, looking for a creative business name for a local market or perhaps starting a new product naming project, our combination of ground-breaking software and experienced brainstormers, harnessed to a robust and objective methodology, will provide you with the ideal naming and validation option.

As a top naming company, the words we find, generate and nuance are the most critical part of our offer. The Appella lexicon of thousands of internationally recognisable words is one of the landmark features of our Black Box. Here, potential names for a brand naming or brand identity project can be rapidly reviewed and in-suite developed, with their meanings in each target language accurately assessed. 

Our very human brainstormers will then also craft the selected words.

If you want to market a product globally, there are over 25 different legal systems to consider in the EU alone. A world market might involve three or four times as many. In the end there’s no substitute for knowledge and experience. We use ours to weed out problematic names early on by conducting fast, reliable identical trademark searching of your longlist. 

Later on, our post-shortlist checks, routinely commended for their rigour and speed, can avoid costlier full availability searches.

As importantly, we will expertly assess threats from similar names, often freeing up a name for registration that someone less experienced in trademark law would consider a write-off and, at other times, sidelining a name to which someone else might have incorrectly given the green light.

Thanks to our world-leading global lexicon and our 100 language negative word database, once your longlist arrives with our professional linguists, they will have fewer problem words to report on, yielding more available words for you to choose from.


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