Sector:  Apps – social media
Brand type:  Stand Alone
Primary Client:   Louise Doherty
Trademark territories: 8 jurisdictions
Trademark classes:   9
Countries:  5
Languages:   1
Validation types:  Localized Language, International Language, Trademark Identical, Google, URL
International Standards Implemented:  ISO 9001

Louise came to us in early 2016. Her working title of So Sociable had a trademark and URL issue so she was reluctantly looking for a replacement. Still corresponding from the cleaner's room at her PR consultancy offices she very wisely decided to get the name right before working on the app design. The technology was developing as we named. 

The proposition of ‘The go-to app for getting together’ rested on the common social conundrum of Who? What? Where? And When? We had brand criteria of ‘sociability,’ ‘speed/action’ and ‘the whole plan’ with ‘meeting connections’ and ‘organization’ for contextual criteria. In the same way that Hong Kong’s Octopus gave TfL the confidence to go for another sea creature Oyster as a transport brand name, it had only been a couple of years since SnapChat had hugely won over the English-speaking, if not global, millennials giving ‘snap’ a big leg-up into the international media consciousness. Context, as they say in linguistics, is king. Another reason for the time taken choosing a name was the unavailability of other names such as first round favourites SOSH and FIXT. Second round options PLANACEA and PLANITZ, preferred over APPEN, also helped identify ‘plan’ as a key element.

The third round and the validated shortlist of 12 names produced options like PLANYAM, PLANVIL, PLANSLAM, TIMEFLY, TRIBETIME, PLANPIE and YAYDAY. But it wasn’t until we all scrolled down to the 40 name Longlist that Louise picked out PlanSnap (also cleared by our appstore, trademark and Google checks) as her favourite. Louise was very happy and so were we. 


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