As part of our service we offer an extensive name validation service as detailed below.

Trademark Checking

With access to global databases and experience at the highest level of trademark law, we can make expert judgements on the registrability and usability, throughout the world, of each prospective name.

Linguistic Checking

Great names work on a global scale. From Canadian French Québécois to Botswanan Kwanyama, we bring your name to localised linguists all over the world to confirm its efficacy for your brand.

Systematic Google Checks

Almost every configuration of letters generates Google hits. Categorising these effectively can be crucial to appreciating the availability status of your new name.

Secure Global URL Checks

Whatever level of domain name you need for your new name, we’ll tailor our checks to establish what’s ownable and what’s already active online; even if owning the .COM isn’t vital, knowledge of how the business behind it operates may impact your final name selection. 
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